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Frequent accidents

The Trichy-Chennai trunk road is about 50 km in Perambalur district. Accidents are common on this road due to speeding vehicles. Since there is no public hospital in the highway area with full facilities to rescue accident victims and provide immediate emergency treatment, many people die without being treated in time. To avoid this, if there was an emergency and accident treatment center on the national road under Perambalur district, the lives of many accident victims could have been saved. .

Space provided free of charge

Already in 1989, land was purchased by villagers along the Trichy-Chennai national road for the establishment of a government primary health center in Padalur, Aladhur Taluk, Perambalur district and was given free of charge. But the government’s primary health center was not located there, it was located on the road to Oottathur.

In this situation, the Karai Village Government Primary Health Center Alathur Taluk was upgraded to Alathur Taluk Government Hospital. Also, due to the frequent accidents on the national road, the government took action to move the taluk government hospital from Karai to a site in Padalur, which was donated by the villagers free of charge.

Padalur Government Hospital…

But the move is said to have been scrapped due to opposition from Karai and surrounding villagers. Subsequently, a soil analysis was carried out on the land donated free of charge by the villagers for the establishment of a government hospital in Padalur. But it is said that the funds allocated for the construction of the hospital were suddenly withheld and some people tried to take over the premises.

After that, the villagers put up a banner at this place stating that the government hospital of Badalur is located there. The announcement of a government hospital has been just a mere announcement so far, but only this banner holds the public opinion that a hospital should be located there.

urgent care center

Even now, the deaths of people involved in road accidents on the Trichy-Chennai trunk road in Perambalur district continue due to the delay in receiving treatment. To prevent this, a call is now being made for the establishment of an emergency and accident treatment center with state-of-the-art facilities at the planned site of Padalur Road Hospital.

Immediate processing

Regarding this, Velmurugan from Padalur said most of the accidents happen in Perambalur district on the Trichy-Chennai trunk road. They have to go to Perambalur in the city for treatment. There is always a traffic jam in the city of Perambalur. As a result, those seriously injured in the accident die on their way to Perambalur government hospital after driving through the traffic jam.

Trichy has to go to the government hospital but it takes a long time. The site chosen to set up the government hospital in Padalur is close to the national road, so it will be suitable for the immediate treatment of accident victims on the national road from Siruvachur to the Samayapuram toll in the district of Trichy, he said. declared.

Loss of life will be avoided

Rajendran from Irur said that if the hospital is set up at the chosen location in Padalur then accident victims will be avoided. Therefore, the district administration should take appropriate measures to set up an emergency and accident handling center with state-of-the-art facilities in Badalur, he said.


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