PaydayNow: 11 Nonprofits That Can Help Pay Your Medical Bills


Health worries are rising with COVID-19. Many individuals lose their health insurance and must pay their medical fees. This is the highest rise in contemporary history by 39%. There is support if you are trying to find resources or spend a considerable medical expense. These 11 charities assist folks in need to afford their medical expenditures.

Paying Medical Bills Organizations

Finding out how much you owe in medical bills is one of the scariest elements of the healing process. These payments might be burdensome if you don’t have a savings account. Thankfully, a few organizations assist individuals in paying off expensive medical debts.

Aunt Bertha

Aunt Bertha is a social network and online directory for finding free or low-cost human services. These include medical, food, and employment training. Enter your zip code to see programs offered in different categories. Only one Austin zip code had 280 results for Help Pay for Health Care.

HealthWell Foundation

To help underinsured people with chronic or life-altering disorders, the HealthWell Foundation was founded. In addition to medical bills, the foundation helps with travel charges and copays for prescription medicines. In 2019, HealthWell granted over $610 million. Visit the illness funds page to discover whether you qualify or suggest a new disease fund. Also, if you can give, please visit the contribution page. Every dollar given goes to patient grants and programs. For more fund option you can visit for more information.

PAN Foundation (Patient Access Network)

Helping underinsured individuals with life-threatening, chronic, and uncommon illnesses receive the drugs and treatments they need, says PAN’s mission statement. Use the eligibility finder to see whether you qualify for financial aid. You may give to The PAN Foundation here.

National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFC)

The NAFC provides a broad range of health and medical services to low-income people. Not all patients are eligible for benefits at these clinics and pharmacies. Find a Clinic allows you to search up to 1,400 Free and Charitable Clinics and Pharmacies. If you can help financially, the NAFC can help their network of clinics respond to the coronavirus outbreak. More info or contribute here.


It helps those who can’t afford prescription medicines. They are a resource for finding programs that may assist. You may locate discounts by prescription brand or illness, find free clinics, get transportation assistance, etc. You may give it to NeedyMeds here.

Rx Assist

Rx Assist is a comprehensive online list of Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) provided by pharmaceutical companies to help individuals in need. Your medicines are listed in the Patient Center.

Rx Hope

For people who need help paying for their prescription medicines, Rx Hope is an online patient aid resource. On the website, you may request patient assistance.


Even if it isn’t your first choice, crowdsourcing medical money is always an alternative. With a free account on GoFundMe, you may start receiving help right now. Learn more and get involved on the medical fundraising page.

Central Texas Medical Bill Assistance Organizations

While many of these organizations help individuals nationwide, numerous Texas-based nonprofits focus on assisting patients in Austin and beyond. Here are some local resources for you or a loved one.

Central Health Sendero Health Plans

Providers of the IdealCare plan include Sendero Health Plans in Travis and Hays Counties. Prescription medications and doctor visits are included under this plan. It is provided to citizens aged 18 to 64 who lack health insurance. Regrettably, the group can only accept new members who have undergone significant life changes. Loss of job-based coverage, the birth of a child, marriage, relocation, divorce, or change in income. Sign up at the enrollment webpage.

Foundation Communities Health Coverage

Foundation Communities sponsors Prosper Health Coverage. This service helps Texans apply for Affordable Care Act health insurance via the Marketplace (ACA). COVID-19 limits Prosper Health Coverage to virtual assistance. Make an appointment here.

Travis County Medical Society Foundation’s Project Access

Project Access Austin connects uninsured Travis County residents to health care services. People who earn too much for government programs like Medicaid but not enough to purchase private health insurance may apply. The website has an enrollment form.


Many Americans are now struggling to make ends meet, particularly those without healthcare. The resultant tension may induce mental and physical exhaustion, making decision-making harder. Start your quest with one of these groups and know you are not alone.


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